My name is Linsey and I live in Scotland with my fiancee and two cats, Fudge & Suki. I’ve always been a creative and imaginative person. I’m an aspiring writer, a cosplayer, a movie & TV addict, a food & coffee junkie, a rarely sane cat lady, a casual gamer and a fanatic about all things Autumn. Halloween is my Christmas, as you will soon find out. I love throwing parties and putting in 100% when it comes to themes, particularly Halloween. Disney is my life and I’ve been watching horror since I was 4. I know that may sound a bit weird, but now that I’m in my 30s I have yet to find a horror movie that scares me. The last one was “The Strangers” in 2008 but I soon got over that. I have a major geeky side (major geeky side *salutes*). I read comic books, watch anime, play video games, collect Funko Pops! and attend comic cons in cosplay.

When it comes to movies (especially horror) I’m really not that picky. I have the ability to just switch off my brain when watching a film, which allows me to enjoy just about anything. It also stops me from figuring out any twists or surprises so I can enjoy the reveal. I never know who the killer is until the movie tells me, so things are never obvious to me and actually surprise me. This means I will be reviewing and talking about movies that are either unknown or disliked by the masses, which is fine because some of the movies I love are criminally underrated. Don’t worry, there will also be beloved classics included, too.

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8/3/19 – I have an account on List Challenges, which is a lot of fun, if you want to know how much you’ve seen and done in your life. So far I have done three movie lists, but I am planning a whole lot more. My obscure movie list has been done 531 times since I published it 2 days ago! I didn’t expect it to be so popular. Warning, the average score is 25/125. 😁 xxx

Here’s an A-Z about me:

A – Autumn (my favourite season)

B – Books

C – Comfy-cosy (in bed or on the couch)

D – Disney is my life

E – Eating (guilty!)

F – Fudge (cat 1)

G – Good at cooking

H – Halloween is my Christmas

I – I was born in 1986

J – Japanese anime fan

K – Kevin (other half)

L – Linsey (me)

M – Maker of cosplays (and wearer)

N – Nice (in fact I’m the sweetest, I have written proof!)

O – Organised

P – Party (I love to entertain)

Q – Quirky

R – Random

S – Suki (cat 2)

T – Tend to confuse people

U – Unique

V – Very into movies

W – Writing

X – Xtreme shopper

Y – Young heart, old soul

Z – Zzzz… (I love to sleep)

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